Trip Reports

TEAM Warburton

TEAM Warburton, who have been travelling with us for 15 years, had a record catch this year. Well done Fellas! The wives will be happy with your “hunter, gatherer skills” and we won’t mention the ice, cold beers and the picturesque, calm, blue water. It’s tough putting […]

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MV Mikat adds M7 Satelite Dome

Hello Fisherman ! MV Mikat welcomes the new M7 Satelite Dome to the Vessel ! Yes thats right ! Whilst fishing out the Swains you all can enjoy watching events such as ” QLD winning another Origin series ” , ” Horseracing ” and ” Every Manly […]

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A feast of fun on Mikat

Author: Tony Zann The aroma of freshly baked sausage rolls wafts from the cabin, across the aft deck and down onto the port duckboard as I breathlessly haul in my second consecutive 3kg goldband snapper. Over the PA system Captain Kenny Smith booms, “Reel ’em up, boys, […]

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